Where To Get Support

If you have problems installing the software or questions about usage, documentation or something else related to PyMVPA, you can post to the PyMVPA mailing list (preferred) or contact the authors on IRC:

Mailing list:pkg-exppsy-pymvpa@lists.alioth.debian.org [subscription, archive]
IRC:#neurodebian on OFTC

All users should subscribe to the mailing list. PyMVPA is still a young project that is under heavy development. Significant modifications (hopefully improvements) are very likely to happen frequently. The mailing list is the preferred way to announce such changes. The mailing list archive can also be searched using the mailing list archive search located in the sidebar of the PyMVPA home page.

Reporting A Bug

If you think you have discovered a bug, please report it. Only known bugs can be fixed. If you have a GitHub account, the easiest way to report a bug is via the issue tracker – just click the “Create Issue” button, describe your problem, and submit. If your are using a Debian package of PyMVPA, you can alternatively use the reportbug command. We would appreciate if in your bug report you would include the output of call to mvpa2.wtf(), which summarizes the details of your system.

If you spot an error in the documentation, simply leave a comment at the bottom of the corresponding webpage on pympva.org (comments can be made without the need for any type of account).

If you don’t like either way, please post to the user mailing list (see above).