mvpa2.testing.datasets.autocorrelated_noise(ds, sr, cutoff, lfnl=3.0, bord=10, hfnl=None, add_baseline=True)

Generate a dataset with samples being temporally autocorrelated noise.


ds : Dataset

Source dataset whose mean samples serves as the pedestal of the new noise samples. All attributes of this dataset will also go into the generated one.

sr : float

Sampling rate (in Hz) of the samples in the dataset.

cutoff : float

Cutoff frequency of the low-pass butterworth filter.

bord : int

Order of the butterworth filter that is applied for low-pass filtering.

lfnl : float

Low frequency noise level in percent signal (per feature).

hfnl : float or None

High frequency noise level in percent signal (per feature). If None, no HF noise is added.