Associate volume geometry with two surface meshes (typically pial and white matter boundaries of the grey matter).

@author: nick

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.misc.surfing.volsurf


from_volume(v) Makes a pseudo-surface from a volume.


ProgressBar([start_time, ...]) Simple progress bar in ASCII text
VolSurf(vg, white, pial[, intermediate]) Associates a volume geometry with two surfaces (pial and white).
VolSurfMapping(vg, white, pial[, ...]) General mapping between volume and surface.
VolSurfMaximalMapping(vg, white, pial[, ...]) Represents the maximal mapping from nodes to voxels.
VolSurfMinimalLowresMapping(vg, white, pial) Represents the minimal mapping from nodes to voxels, incorporating the intermediate surface that can be of lower-res.
VolSurfMinimalMapping(vg, white, pial[, ...]) Represents the minimal mapping from nodes to voxels.
VolumeBasedSurface(vg) A surface based on a volume, where every voxel is a node.