Inheritance diagram of VolSurfMinimalMapping
class mvpa2.misc.surfing.volsurf.VolSurfMinimalMapping(vg, white, pial, intermediate=None, nsteps=10, start_fr=0.0, stop_fr=1.0, start_mm=0, stop_mm=0)

Represents the minimal mapping from nodes to voxels. ‘minimal’, in this context, means that the mapping from voxels to nodes is many-to-one (i.e. each voxel is associated with at most one node)

Each voxel can be associated with just a single node.


volgeom: volgeom.VolGeom

Volume geometry

white: surf.Surface

Surface representing white-grey matter boundary

pial: surf.Surface

Surface representing pial-grey matter boundary

intermediate: surf.Surface (default: None).

Surface representing intermediate surface. If omitted it is the node-wise average of white and pial.

nsteps: int (default: 10)

Number of steps from white to pial surface

start_fr: float (default: 0)

Relative start position of line in gray matter, 0.=white surface, 1.=pial surface.

stop_fr: float (default: 1)

Relative stop position of line (as in see start).

start_mm: float (default: 0)

Absolute start position offset (as in start_fr).

stop_mm: float (default: 0)

Absolute start position offset (as in start_fr).


‘pial’ and ‘white’ should have the same topology.


intermediate_surface Returns the node-wise average of the pial and white surface
pial_surface Returns the pial surface
volgeom Returns the volume geometry
white_surface Returns the white surface


coordinates_to_grey_distance_mm(nodes, xyz) Computes the grey position of coordinates in metric units
get_parameter_dict() Returns a dictionary with the most important parameters
surf_project_nodewise(xyz) Projects coordinates on lines connecting pial and white matter.
surf_project_weights(nodes, xyz) Computes relative position of xyz on lines from pial to white matter.
surf_project_weights_nodewise(xyz) Computes relative position of xyz on lines from pial to white matter.
surf_unproject_weights_nodewise(weights) Maps relative positions in grey matter to coordinates
voxel_count_nifti_image() Returns a NIFTI image indicating how often each voxel is selected.