Searchlight implementation for arbitrary measures and spaces

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.measures.searchlight


Doi(\*args, \*\*kwargs) Perform no good and no bad
borrowkwargs(cls[, methodname, exclude]) Return a decorator which would borrow docstring for **kwargs
h5load(filename[, name]) Loads the content of an HDF5 file that has been stored by h5save().
h5save(filename, data[, name, mode, mkdir]) Stores arbitrary data in an HDF5 file.
hstack(datasets[, a, sa]) Stacks datasets horizontally (appending features).
is_datasetlike(obj) Check if an object looks like a Dataset.
sphere_searchlight(datameasure[, radius, ...]) Creates a Searchlight to run a scalar Measure on all possible spheres of a certain size within a dataset.


BaseSearchlight(queryengine[, roi_ids, nproc]) Base class for searchlights.
ChainMapper(nodes, \*\*kwargs) Class that amends ChainNode with a mapper-like interface.
ConditionalAttribute([enabled]) Simple container intended to conditionally store the value
Dataset(samples[, sa, fa, a]) Generic storage class for datasets with multiple attributes.
IndexQueryEngine([sorted]) Provides efficient query engine for discrete spaces.
Measure([null_dist]) A measure computed from a Dataset
ProgressBar([start_time, ...]) Simple progress bar in ASCII text
Searchlight(datameasure, queryengine[, ...]) The implementation of a generic searchlight measure.
Sphere(radius[, element_sizes, distance_func]) N-Dimensional hypersphere.
StaticFeatureSelection(slicearg[, dshape, ...]) Feature selection by static slicing argument.
defaultdict defaultdict(default_factory[, ...]) –> dict with default factory