General support for cortical surface meshes

Created on Feb 11, 2012

@author: nick

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generate_bar(start, stop, radius[, poly]) Generates a bar-like surface
generate_cube() Generates a cube with sides 2 centered at the origin.
generate_plane(x00, x01, x10, n01, n10) Generates a plane.
generate_sphere([density]) Generates a sphere-like surface with unit radius centered at the origin.
get_sphere_left_right_mapping(surf_left, ...) finds the mapping from left to right hemisphere and vice versa
normalized(v) Normalizes vectors
read(fn) General read function for surfaces
reposition_hemisphere_pairs(surf_left, ...) moves and rotates pairs of hemispheres so that they are facing each
vector_alignment_find_rotation(x, y) Find rotation matrix to align one vector with another
write(fn, s[, overwrite]) General write function for surfaces


Surface(v[, f, check]) Cortical surface mesh