, sa_labels=None, return_values='mt', set_NaN_to=0.0, compare_to=0.0)

Runs a one-sample t-test across datasets


dsets: str or list of dicts

(filenames of) NIML dsets, each referring to PxQ data for P nodes (features) and Q values per node (samples)

sa_labels: list of (int or str)

indices or labels of columns to compare

return_values: str (default: ‘mt’)

‘m’ or ‘t’ or ‘mt’ to return sample mean, t-value, or both

set_NaN_to: float or None (default: 0.)

the value that NaNs in dsets replaced by. If None then NaNs are kept.

compare_to: float (default: 0.)

t-tests are compared against the null hypothesis of a mean of compare_to.


dset: dict

NIML dset-compatible dict with fields ‘data’, ‘labels’, ‘stats’ and ‘node_indices’ set.