Simply functors that transform something.

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.misc.transformers


Absolute(x) Returns the elementwise absolute of any argument.
Identity(x) Return whatever it was called with.
first_axis_mean(x) Mean computed along the first axis.
first_axis_sum_not_zero(x) Sum computed over first axis of whether the values are not equal to zero.
grand_mean(x) Just what the name suggests.
l1_normed(x[, norm, reverse]) Norm the values so that L_1 norm (sum|x|) becomes norm
l2_normed(x[, norm, reverse]) Norm the values so that regular vector norm becomes norm
max_of_abs(x) Max of absolute values along the 2nd axis
one_minus(x) Returns elementwise ‘1 - x’ of any argument.
rank_order(x[, reverse]) Rank-order by value.
reverse_rank_order(x) Convinience functor
second_axis_mean(x) Mean across 2nd axis
subtract_mean(x) Subtract mean across first axis
sum_of_abs(x) Sum of absolute values along the 2nd axis


ClassWithCollections([descr]) Base class for objects which contain any known collection
ConditionalAttribute([enabled]) Simple container intended to conditionally store the value
DistPValue([sd, distribution, fpp, nbins]) Converts values into p-values under vague and non-scientific assumptions
OverAxis(transformer[, axis]) Helper to apply transformer over specific axis