Volume geometry to map between world and voxel coordinates.

Supports conversion between linear and sub indexing of voxels. The rationale is that volumes use sub indexing that incorporate the spatial locations of voxels, but for voxel selection (and subsequent MVPA) it is often more appropriate to abstract from the temporal locations of voxels.

Created on Feb 12, 2012

@author: nick

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.misc.surfing.volgeom


distance(p, q[, r]) Returns the distances between vectors in two arrays
from_any(s[, mask_volume]) Constructs a VolGeom instance from any reasonable type of input.
to_one_column_array(v) Converts input to a Px1 array
to_three_column_array(v) Converts input to a Px3 array
to_vector(v) Converts input to a linear vector


ChainMapper(nodes, \*\*kwargs) Class that amends ChainNode with a mapper-like interface.
Sphere(radius[, element_sizes, distance_func]) N-Dimensional hypersphere.
VolGeom(shape, affine[, mask]) Defines a mapping between sub and linear indices and world coordinate