Functionality for surface-based voxel selection

Created on Feb 13, 2012



NN Oosterhof, T Wiestler, PE Downing, J Diedrichsen (2011). A comparison of volume-based and surface-based multi-voxel pattern analysis. Neuroimage, 56(2), pp. 593-600

‘Surfing’ toolbox: (and the associated documentation)

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.misc.surfing.surf_voxel_selection


from_any(s) Loads or returns voxel selection results
h5load(filename[, name]) Loads the content of an HDF5 file that has been stored by h5save().
h5save(filename, data[, name, mode, mkdir]) Stores arbitrary data in an HDF5 file.
run_voxel_selection(radius, volume, ...[, ...]) Voxel selection wrapper for multiple center nodes on the surface
seconds2prettystring(t[, ndigits]) Prints seconds in a pretty form
voxel_selection(vol_surf_mapping, radius[, ...]) Voxel selection for multiple center nodes on the surface


ProgressBar([start_time, ...]) Simple progress bar in ASCII text
VoxelSelector(radius, distance_surf, n2v[, ...]) Voxel selection for surface-based searchlights