mvpa2.misc.plot.topo.plot_head_topography(topography, sensorlocations, plotsensors=False, resolution=51, masked=True, plothead=True, plothead_kwargs=None, **kwargs)

Plot distribution to a head surface, derived from some sensor locations.

The sensor locations are first projected onto the best fitting sphere and finally projected onto a circle (by simply ignoring the z-axis).


topography : array

A vector of some values corresponding to each sensor.

sensorlocations : (nsensors x 3) array

3D coordinates of each sensor. The order of the sensors has to match with the topography vector.

plotsensors : bool

If True, sensor will be plotted on their projected coordinates. No sensor are shown otherwise.

plothead : bool

If True, a head outline is plotted.

plothead_kwargs : dict

Additional keyword arguments passed to plot_head_outline().

resolution : int

Number of surface samples along both x and y-axis.

masked : bool

If True, all surface sample extending to head outline will be masked.


All additional arguments will be passed to pylab.imshow().


(map, head, sensors)

The corresponding matplotlib objects are returned if plotted, ie. if plothead is set to False, head will be None.


The colormap that makes the actual plot, a matplotlib.image.AxesImage instance.


What is returned by plot_head_outline().


The dots marking the electrodes, a matplotlib.lines.Line2d instance.