mvpa2.misc.plot.scatter.plot_scatter(dataXd, mask=None, masked_opacity=0.0, labels=None, colors=True, dimcolor=1, title=None, limits='auto', thresholds=None, hint_opacity=0.9, x_jitter=None, y_jitter=None, fig=None, ax_scatter=None, ax_hist_x=None, ax_hist_y=None, bp_location='scatter', xlim=None, ylim=None, rasterized=None, uniq=False, include_stats=False)

dataXd: array

The volumetric (or not) data to plot where first dimension should only have 2 items

mask: array, optional

Additional mask to specify which values do not consider to plot. By default values with 0s in both dimensions are not plotted.

masked_opacity: float, optional

By default masked out values are not plotted at all. Value in (0,1] will make them visible with this specified opacity

labels: list of str, optional

Labels to place for x and y axes

colors: bool or string or colormap, optional

Either to use colors to associate with physical location and what colormap to use (jet by default if colors=True)

dimcolor: int

If colors, then which dimension (within given 3D volume) to “track”

limits: ‘auto’, ‘same’, ‘per-axis’ or (min, max)

Limits for axes: when ‘auto’ if data ranges overlap is more than 50% of the union range, ‘same’ is considered. When ‘same’ – the same limits on both axes as determined by data. If two-element tuple or list is provided, then that range is applied to both axes.

hint_opacity: float, optional

If colors is True, to then a “slice” of the volumetric data is plotted in the specified opacity to hint about the location of points in the original Xd data in dimcolor dimension

x_jitter: float, optional

Half-width of uniform noise added to x values. Might be useful if data is quantized so it is valuable to jitter points a bit.

y_jitter: float, optional

Half-width of uniform noise added to y values. Might be useful if data is quantized so it is valuable to jitter points a bit

fig : Figure, optional

Figure to plot on, otherwise new one created

ax_*: axes, optional

Axes for the scatter plot and histograms. If none of them is specified (which is the default) then ‘classical’ plot is rendered with histograms above and to the right

bp_location: (‘scatter’, ‘hist’, None), optional

Where to place boxplots depicting data range

xlim: tuple, optional

ylim: tuple, optional

To fix plotted range

rasterized: bool, optional

Passed to scatter call, to allow rasterization of heavy scatter plots

uniq: bool, optional

Plot uniq values (those present in one but not in the other) along each axis with crosses

include_stats: bool, optional

Whether to report additional statistics on the data. Stats are also reported via verbose at level 2