mvpa2.misc.plot.flat_surf.flat_surface2grid_mask(surface, min_nsteps, max_deformation)

Computes a mask and corresponding coordinates from a flat surface


surface: Surface

flat surface

min_nsteps: int

minimum number of pixels in x and y direction

max_deformation: float

maximum deformation to make a non-flat surface flat. The normals of each face must have a dot product with the average face normal that is not less than (1-max_deformation); otherwise an exception is raised. The rationale for this option is that certain surfaces may be almost flat, and projecting the vertices on a truly flat surface should be fine. On the other hand, surfaces that are definitly not flat (such as full cortical surface models) should cause an error to be raised when it is attempted to flatten them


x: np.ndarray

x coordinates of surface

y: np.ndarray

y coordinates of surface

m: np.ndarray

mask array of size PxQ, with min(P,Q)==min_nsteps. m[i,j]==True iff the position at (i,j) is ‘inside’ the flat surface

xi: np.ndarray

vector of length Q with interpolated x coordinates

yi: np.ndarray

vector of length P with interpolated y coordinates


The output of this function can be used with scipy.interpolate.griddata