mvpa2.misc.plot.erp.plot_erp(data, SR=500, onsets=None, pre=0.2, pre_onset=None, post=None, pre_mean=None, color='r', errcolor=None, errtype=None, ax=<module 'pylab' from '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pylab.pyc'>, ymult=1.0, *args, **kwargs)

Plot single ERP on existing canvas


data : 1D or 2D ndarray

The data array can either be 1D (samples over time) or 2D (trials x samples). In the first case a boxcar mapper is used to extract the respective trial timecourses given a list of trial onsets. In the latter case, each row of the data array is taken as the EEG signal timecourse of a particular trial.

onsets : list(int)

List of onsets (in samples not in seconds).

SR : int, optional

Sampling rate (1/s) of the signal.

pre : float, optional

Duration (in seconds) to be plotted prior to onset.

pre_onset : float or None

If data is already in epochs (2D) then pre_onset provides information on how many seconds pre-stimulus were used to generate them. If None, then pre_onset = pre

post : float

Duration (in seconds) to be plotted after the onset.

pre_mean : float

Duration (in seconds) at the beginning of the window which is used for deriving the mean of the signal. If None, pre_mean = pre. If 0, then the mean is not subtracted from the signal.

errtype : None or ‘ste’ or ‘std’ or ‘ci95’ or list of previous three

Type of error value to be computed per datapoint. ‘ste’ – standard error of the mean, ‘std’ – standard deviation ‘ci95’ – 95% confidence interval (1.96 * ste), None – no error margin is plotted (default) Optionally, multiple error types can be specified in a list. In that case all of them will be plotted.

color : matplotlib color code, optional

Color to be used for plotting the mean signal timecourse.

errcolor : matplotlib color code

Color to be used for plotting the error margin. If None, use main color but with weak alpha level

ax :

Target where to draw.

ymult : float, optional

Multiplier for the values. E.g. if negative-up ERP plot is needed: provide ymult=-1.0

*args, **kwargs

Additional arguments to pylab.plot.



Mean ERP timeseries.