Misc. plotting helpers.


Pioff() Dummy function which does nothing
Pion() Dummy function which does nothing
concat_ts_boxplot_stats(run_stats) Helper to concatenate boxplot stats from compute_ts_boxpot_stats
get_samples_by_attr(dataset, attr, values[, ...]) Return indices of samples given a list of attributes
inverse_cmap(cmap_name) Create a new colormap from the named colormap, where it got reversed
plot_bars(data[, labels, title, ylim, ...]) Make bar plots with automatically computed error bars.
plot_dataset_chunks(ds[, clf_labels]) Quick plot to see chunk structure in dataset with 2 features
plot_decision_boundary_2d(dataset[, clf, ...]) Plot a scatter of a classifier’s decision boundary and data points
plot_err_line(data[, x, errtype, curves, ...]) Make a line plot with errorbars on the data points.
plot_err_line_missing(data[, x, errtype, ...]) Make a line plot with errorbars on the data points.
plot_feature_hist(dataset[, xlim, noticks, ...]) This function is deprecated and will be removed.
plot_samples_distance(dataset[, sortbyattr]) Plot the euclidean distances between all samples of a dataset.
squared_euclidean_distance(data1[, data2, ...]) Compute weighted euclidean distance matrix between two datasets.
timeseries_boxplot(median[, mean, std, n, ...]) Produce a boxplot-like plot for time series data.


AttributeMap([map, mapnumeric, ...]) Map to translate literal values to numeric ones (and back).
ChainNode(nodes, \*\*kwargs) This class allows to concatenate a list of nodes into a processing chain.
NFoldPartitioner([cvtype]) Generic N-fold data partitioner.
Splitter(attr[, attr_values, count, ...]) Generator node for dataset splitting.