Misc. functions (in the mathematical sense)


double_gamma_hrf(t[, A1, W1, K1, A2, W2, K2]) Hemodynamic response function model.
dual_gaussian(x[, amp1, mean1, std1, amp2, ...]) Sum of two Gaussians.
dual_positive_gaussian(x[, amp1, mean1, ...]) Sum of two non-negative Gaussians
fit2histogram(X, fx, params[, nbins, x_range]) Fit a function to multiple histograms.
get_random_rotation(ns[, nt, data]) Return some random rotation (or rotation + dim reduction) matrix
least_sq_fit(fx, params, y[, x]) Simple convenience wrapper around SciPy’s optimize.leastsq.
single_gamma_hrf(t[, A, W, K]) Hemodynamic response function model.