An efficient implementation of searchlight for M1NN.

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.measures.nnsearchlight


borrowkwargs(cls[, methodname, exclude]) Return a decorator which would borrow docstring for **kwargs
one_minus_correlation(X, Y) Return one minus the correlation matrix between the rows of two matrices.
sphere_m1nnsearchlight(knn, generator[, ...]) Creates a M1NNSearchlight to assess cross-validation classification performance of M1NN on all possible spheres of a certain size within a dataset.
squared_euclidean_distance(data1[, data2, ...]) Compute weighted euclidean distance matrix between two datasets.


IndexQueryEngine([sorted]) Provides efficient query engine for discrete spaces.
M1NNSearchlight(knn, generator, qe, \*\*kwargs) Efficient implementation of Mean-Nearest-Neighbor Searchlight.
SimpleStatBaseSearchlight(generator, queryengine) Base class for clf searchlights based on basic univar.
Sphere(radius[, element_sizes, distance_func]) N-Dimensional hypersphere.