Data normalization by Z-Scoring.

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.mappers.zscore


accepts_dataset_as_samples(fx) Decorator to extract samples from Datasets.
borrowkwargs(cls[, methodname, exclude]) Return a decorator which would borrow docstring for **kwargs
get_nsamples_per_attr(dataset, attr) Returns the number of samples per unique value of a sample attribute.
get_samples_by_attr(dataset, attr, values[, ...]) Return indices of samples given a list of attributes
zscore(ds, \*\*kwargs) In-place Z-scoring of a Dataset or ndarray.


Dataset(samples[, sa, fa, a]) Generic storage class for datasets with multiple attributes.
Mapper(\*\*kwargs) Basic mapper interface definition.
ZScoreMapper([params, param_est, ...]) Mapper to normalize features (Z-scoring).