Wrapper to use MDP nodes and flows as PyMVPA mappers.

This module provides to mapper that allow embedding MDP nodes, or flows into PyMVPA.

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.mappers.mdp_adaptor


accepts_dataset_as_samples(fx) Decorator to extract samples from Datasets.
is_in_volume(coord, shape) For given coord check if it is within a specified volume size.


DatasetAttributeExtractor(col, key) Helper to extract arbitrary attributes from dataset collections.
ICAMapper([alg, nodeargs]) Convenience wrapper to perform ICA using MDP nodes.
MDPFlowMapper(flow[, node_arguments]) Mapper encapsulating an arbitray MDP flow.
MDPNodeMapper(node[, nodeargs]) Mapper encapsulating an arbitray MDP node.
Mapper(\*\*kwargs) Basic mapper interface definition.
PCAMapper([alg, nodeargs]) Convenience wrapper to perform PCA using MDP’s Mapper