Polynomial de-trending and regression.

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.mappers.detrend


borrowkwargs(cls[, methodname, exclude]) Return a decorator which would borrow docstring for **kwargs
is_sequence_type isSequenceType(a) – Return True if a has a sequence type, False otherwise.
legendre(n[, monic]) Legendre polynomial coefficients
legendre_(n, x) Helper to avoid problems with scipy 0.8.0 returning inf for -1
poly_detrend(ds, \*\*kwargs) In-place polynomial detrending.


Mapper(\*\*kwargs) Basic mapper interface definition.
Parameter(default[, constraints, ro, index, ...]) This class shall serve as a representation of a parameter.
PolyDetrendMapper([polyord, chunks_attr, ...]) Mapper for regression-based removal of polynomial trends.