Basic, general purpose and meta mappers.

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.mappers.base


accepts_dataset_as_samples(fx) Decorator to extract samples from Datasets.
borrowdoc(cls[, methodname]) Return a decorator to borrow docstring from another cls.`methodname`
is_datasetlike(obj) Check if an object looks like a Dataset.


ChainMapper(nodes, \*\*kwargs) Class that amends ChainNode with a mapper-like interface.
ChainNode(nodes, \*\*kwargs) This class allows to concatenate a list of nodes into a processing chain.
CombinedMapper(mappers, combine_axis[, a]) Mapper to pass a dataset on to a set of mappers and combine there output.
IdentityMapper(\*\*kwargs) A mapper that performs an identity transformation (i.e.
Learner([auto_train, force_train]) Common trainable processing object.
Mapper(\*\*kwargs) Basic mapper interface definition.