Dataset partitioning strategies

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.generators.partition


coarsen_chunks(source[, nchunks]) Change chunking of the dataset
xrandom_iterprod(n, \*seq) Generate n random iterprod’s from given sequences


CustomPartitioner(splitrule, \*\*kwargs) Partition a dataset using an arbitrary custom rule.
ExcludeTargetsCombinationsPartitioner(k, ...) Exclude combinations for a given partition from other partitions
FactorialPartitioner(partitioner, \*\*kwargs) Partitioner for two-level factorial designs
HalfPartitioner([count, selection_strategy, ...]) Partition a dataset into two halves of the sample attribute.
NFoldPartitioner([cvtype]) Generic N-fold data partitioner.
NGroupPartitioner([ngroups]) Partition a dataset into N-groups of the sample attribute.
Node([space, pass_attr, postproc]) Common processing object.
OddEvenPartitioner([usevalues]) Create odd and even partitions based on a sample attribute.
Partitioner([count, selection_strategy, ...]) Generator node to partition a dataset.
deprecated([extra]) Decorator to mark a function or class as deprecated.
iterprod alias of product