mvpa2.datasets.niml.hstack(dsets, pad_to_feature_index=None, hstack_method='drop_nonunique', set_empty_value=0.0)

Stacks NIML datasets while considering node indices


dsets: list

datasets to be stacked

pad_to_feature_index: list or int or None

If a list then it should be of the same length as dsets and indicates to which node index the input should be padded. A single int means that the same value is used for all dset in dsets. None means no padding, and is only allowed for non-sparse datasets.

hstack_method: str:

How datasets are stacked; see dataset.hstack.

set_empty_value: float

Value to which empty (padded) dataset values are set.


dset: Dataset

Data combined from all dset in dsets.