mvpa2.datasets.mri.map2nifti(dataset, data=None, imghdr=None, imgtype=None)

Maps data(sets) into the original dataspace and wraps it into an Image.


dataset : Dataset

The mapper of this dataset is used to perform the reverse-mapping.

data : ndarray or Dataset, optional

The data to be wrapped into NiftiImage. If None (default), it would wrap samples of the provided dataset. If it is a Dataset instance – takes its samples for mapping.

imghdr : None or dict, optional

Image header data. If None, the header is taken from dataset.a.imghdr.

imgtype : None or class, optional

Image class to be used for the instance. If None, the type is taken from dataset.a.imgtype.



Instance of a class derived from nibabel.spatialimages.SpatialImage, such as Nifti1Image