Functions for event segmentation or modeling of dataset.


assign_conditionlabels(ds, events[, ...]) Convert events into a condition label attribute of a dataset
eventrelated_dataset(ds, events[, ...]) This function is deprecated.
events2sample_attr(events, time_coords[, ...]) Build a sample attribute array form an event list
extract_boxcar_event_samples(ds[, events, ...]) Segment a dataset by extracting boxcar events
find_events(\*\*kwargs) Detect changes in multiple synchronous sequences.
fit_event_hrf_model(ds, events, time_attr[, ...]) Fit a GLM with HRF regressor and yield a dataset with model parameters
value2idx(val, x[, solv]) Convert a value into an index of the closes matching array element.


BoxcarMapper(startpoints, boxlength[, offset]) Mapper to combine multiple samples into a single sample.
Dataset(samples[, sa, fa, a]) Generic storage class for datasets with multiple attributes.
Event(\*\*kwargs) Simple class to define properties of an event.
FlattenMapper([shape, maxdims]) Reshaping mapper that flattens multidimensional arrays into 1D vectors.