mvpa2.datasets.eep.eep_dataset(samples, targets=None, chunks=None)

Create a dataset using an EEP binary file as source.

EEP files are used by eeprobe a software for analysing even-related potentials (ERP), which was developed at the Max-Planck Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience in Leipzig, Germany.


samples : str or EEPBin instance

This is either a filename of an EEP file, or an EEPBin instance, providing the samples data in EEP format.

targets, chunks : sequence or scalar or None

Values are pass through to Dataset.from_wizard(). See its documentation for more information.



Besides is usual attributes (e.g. targets, chunks, and a mapper). The returned dataset also includes feature attributes associating each same with a channel (by id), and a specific timepoint – based on information read from the EEP data.