Importer for the available SVM and SVR machines.

Multiple external libraries implementing Support Vector Machines (Classification) and Regressions are available: LIBSVM, and shogun. This module is just a helper to provide default implementation for SVM depending on the availability of external libraries. By default LIBSVM implementation is chosen by default, but in any case both libraries are available through importing from this module:

> from mvpa2.clfs.svm import sg, libsvm
> help(sg.SVM)
> help(libsvm.SVM)

Please refer to particular interface for more documentation about parameterization and available kernels and implementations.

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.clfs.svm


LinearCSVMC([C]) C-SVM classifier using linear kernel.
LinearNuSVMC([nu]) Nu-SVM classifier using linear kernel.
LinearSVMKernel alias of LinearLSKernel
RbfCSVMC([C]) C-SVM classifier using a radial basis function kernel
RbfNuSVMC([nu]) Nu-SVM classifier using a radial basis function kernel
RbfSVMKernel alias of RbfLSKernel
SVM(\*\*kwargs) Support Vector Machine Classifier.