Verbose output and debugging facility

Examples: from verbosity import verbose, debug; = [1,2,3]; debug(1, “blah”)

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.base.verbosity


basename(p) Returns the final component of a pathname
dirname(p) Returns the directory component of a pathname
get_vmem() Return utilization of virtual memory
get_vmem_from_status() Return utilization of virtual memory
get_vmem_str() Return a string summary about utilization of virtual_memory
getpid(() -> pid) Return the current process id
mbasename(s) Custom function to include directory name if filename is too common
parse_status([field, value_only]) Return stat information on current process.


DebugLogger([metrics, offsetbydepth]) Logger for debugging purposes.
LevelLogger([level, indent]) Logger not to log anything with a level smaller than specified.
Logger([handlers]) Base class to provide logging
OnceLogger(\*args, \*\*kwargs) Logger which prints a message for a given ID just once.
RelativeTime([format]) Simple helper class to provide relative time it took from previous
SetLogger([register, active, printsetid]) Logger which prints based on defined sets identified by Id.
TraceBack([collide]) Customized traceback to be included in debug messages