Various helpers to improve docstrings and textual output


borrowdoc(cls[, methodname]) Return a decorator to borrow docstring from another cls.`methodname`
borrowkwargs(cls[, methodname, exclude]) Return a decorator which would borrow docstring for **kwargs
ceil(x) Return the ceiling of x as a float.
enhanced_doc_string(item, \*args, \*\*kwargs) Generate enhanced doc strings for various items.
exists(dep[, force, raise_, issueWarning, ...]) Test whether a known dependency is installed on the system.
get_docstring_split(f) Given a function, break it up into portions
handle_docstring(text[, polite]) Take care of empty and non existing doc strings.
safe_str(obj) Return string of an object even if str() call fails
single_or_plural(single, plural, n) Little helper to spit out single or plural version of a word.
strip_strid(s) Strip off strids (#NUMBER) within a string
table2string(table[, out]) Given list of lists figure out their common widths and print to out


StringIO([buf]) class StringIO([buffer])