Inheritance diagram of SafeConfigParser
class mvpa2.base.config.SafeConfigParser(defaults=None, dict_type=<class 'collections.OrderedDict'>, allow_no_value=False)


add_section(section) Create a new section in the configuration.
get(section, option[, raw, vars]) Get an option value for a given section.
getboolean(section, option)
getfloat(section, option)
getint(section, option)
has_option(section, option) Check for the existence of a given option in a given section.
has_section(section) Indicate whether the named section is present in the configuration.
items(section[, raw, vars]) Return a list of tuples with (name, value) for each option in the section.
options(section) Return a list of option names for the given section name.
read(filenames) Read and parse a filename or a list of filenames.
readfp(fp[, filename]) Like read() but the argument must be a file-like object.
remove_option(section, option) Remove an option.
remove_section(section) Remove a file section.
sections() Return a list of section names, excluding [DEFAULT]
set(section, option[, value]) Set an option.
write(fp) Write an .ini-format representation of the configuration state.
set(section, option, value=None)

Set an option. Extend ConfigParser.set: check for string values.