Module with some special objects to be used as magic attributes with dedicated containers aka. Collections.

Inheritance diagram of mvpa2.base.collections


borrowdoc(cls[, methodname]) Return a decorator to borrow docstring from another cls.`methodname`
is_sequence_type isSequenceType(a) – Return True if a has a sequence type, False otherwise.


ArrayCollectable([value, name, doc, length]) Collectable embedding an array.
Collectable([value, name, doc]) Collection element.
Collection([items]) Container of some Collectables.
DatasetAttribute([value, name, doc, length]) Dataset attribute
DatasetAttributesCollection([items]) Container for attributes of datasets (i.e.
FeatureAttribute([value, name, doc, length]) Per feature attribute in a dataset
FeatureAttributesCollection([items, length]) Container for attributes of features
SampleAttribute([value, name, doc, length]) Per sample attribute in a dataset
SampleAttributesCollection([items, length]) Container for attributes of samples (i.e.
SequenceCollectable([value, name, doc, length]) Collectable to handle sequences.
UniformLengthCollection([items, length]) Container for attributes with the same length.