Man page for tutorialΒΆ


pymvpa2-tutorial - start a PyMVPA tutorial session  


pymvpa2-tutorial [,options/] [,ipython options/]  


Wrapper around the IPython executable creating a session directory for working with the PyMVPA tutorial. The necessary tutorial data is copied (or symlinked, if possible) into the session directory. If the tutorial shall run in IPython's notebook the relevant notebook files are copied into the session directory as well. Any additional options are passed on to IPython. IPython is executed in the tutorial session directory, and any potential relative path configurations (such as PYTHONPATH) need to take this into account.  


print this help and exit
show program's version number and exit
start an IPython qtconsole
start an IPython notebook server
path to the tutorial session directory. Default: ,$HOME/pymvpa2_tutorial/
delete tutorial session data on exit
overwrite existing notebook files in the tutorial session directory
path to the tutorial data (need to contain the 'data' directory)
path to the tutorial notebooks