Man page for scatterΒΆ


pymvpa2-scatter - scatter plot PyMVPA datasets and/or brain volumes  


pymvpa2 ,scatter /[,--version/] [,-h/] [,--volume VOLUME/] [,-m MASK_FILE/] [,--thresholds THRESHOLDS/] [,-M MASKED_OPACITY/] [,-u UNIQUE_POINTS/] [,-l {auto,same,per-axis}/] [,-x X_JITTER/] [,-y Y_JITTER/] [,-s STATS/] [,-o OUTPUT_IMG/] ,data /[,data /...]  


Scatter plot PyMVPA datasets and/or brain volumes  


show program's version and license information and exit
-h, --help, --help-np
show this help message and exit. --help-np forcefully disables the use of a pager for displaying the help.

Options for scatterplot:

Nifti datasets to scatterplot
--volume VOLUME, -t VOLUME
If 4D image given which volume to plot. If 5D with rudimentary 4th, it gets removed. Default -- all
-m MASK_FILE, --mask-file MASK_FILE
Filename to use as a mask to decide which voxels to plot.
--thresholds THRESHOLDS
How to threshold the mask volume. Single value specifies lower threshold. Two comma-separated values specify exclusion range: e.g. '-3,3' would include all abs values >=3. '3,-3' would then include all abs values < 3
Opacity at which plot masked-out points. Default is 0, i.e. when they are not plotted at all
Plot those points which are present only in 1 of the volumes and not in the other along corresponding axis
-l {auto,same,per-axis}, --limits {auto,same,per-axis}
How to decide on limits for the axes. When 'auto' -- if data ranges overlap is more than 50% of the union range, 'same' is considered.
-x X_JITTER, --x-jitter X_JITTER
Half-width of the uniform jitter to add to x-coords. Useful for quantized (thus overlapping) data
-y Y_JITTER, --y-jitter Y_JITTER
Half-width of the uniform jitter to add to y-coords. Useful for quantized (thus overlapping) data
-s STATS, --stats STATS
Whether to print additional stats on the data
-o OUTPUT_IMG, --output-img OUTPUT_IMG
Where to output png of the scatterplot.

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