Generating Topography plotsΒΆ

Example demonstrating a topography plot.

from mvpa2.suite import *

# Sanity check if we have griddata available
externals.exists("griddata", raise_=True)

# EEG example splot
pl.subplot(1, 2, 1)

# load the sensor information from their definition file.
# This file has sensor names, as well as their 3D coordinates
sensors=XAVRSensorLocations(os.path.join(pymvpa_dataroot, 'xavr1010.dat'))

# make up some artifical topography
# 'enable' to channels, all others set to off ;-)
topo = np.zeros(len(sensors.names))
topo[sensors.names.index('O1')] = 1
topo[sensors.names.index('F4')] = 1

# plot with sensor locations shown
plot_head_topography(topo, sensors.locations(), plotsensors=True)

# MEG example plot
pl.subplot(1, 2, 2)

# load MEG sensor locations
            os.path.join(pymvpa_dataroot, ''))

# random values this time
topo = np.random.randn(len(sensors.names))

# plot without additional interpolation
plot_head_topography(topo, sensors.locations(),

The ouput of the provided example should look like

Topography plot of MEG data

See also

The full source code of this example is included in the PyMVPA source distribution (doc/examples/